07 July 2016 – A new specification 0360001120 Top Drive Saver Subs is now published and available from the NSInfohub.

NS-1 Specification Update

– the online version of NS-1(TM) means that it can react to the needs of modern drilling quicker and with more focus.

A new specification for Top Drive Saver Subs (TDSS) is now available from NSInfohub.

NS TDSS is now part of the NS-1™ Standard, specifying the minimum quality and inspection requirements applied to wrought low alloy steel TDSS for non-sour service conditions. At present TDSS are not specifically covered in any other industry standard.

Top Drive Saver Subs, as the name implies, are used to save the drillstring and the top drive from expensive frequent maintenance costs by acting as the expendable element between the two components. Because TDSS are relatively easier to repair or replace, they are therefore cheaper to maintain.

This new NS-1™ specification includes supplementary requirements for threaded connections, mechanical properties, marking and inspection.

See more information on our NS Information Hub here: https://www.fp.international/about-ns-information or [email protected]

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