2017 Course Calendar

Fearnley Procter International has been delivering training courses for over 25 years. QA/QC, Specialised Engineering and Training to reduce Non-Productive Time is our core business. By combining these skills into focused training programs, Fearnley Procter has become acknowledged as a global leader in this specialist-training field.

Therefore, we have the following courses available for the first half of 2017.

View our 2017 Course Calendar:

Whether you are looking for:

– Operational skill development to improve performance within your Well Team
– Q1, Q2 and ISO programmes for awareness, internal or lead audit status
– Certification to show your competency in the NS-1™ or NS-2™ Standards

Then our 27 years of knowledge and experience will provide you with the solution.

Our objective is the reduction of Non-production Time and if we can help achieve that with the personal development of team members or just making sure that manufacturer’s, rental companies and inspection teams hold certification of understanding and competency in the industry’s standards – then we are meeting our goal.

For further details on the following:

– Operation, Dilling and Well Engineering:

– Q1, Q2 and ISO:

– NS-1™ and NS-2™ Certification for Inspectors, Manufacturers and Rental Companies:

Or to book: https://www.fp.international/book-courses

To contact us directly, please email: [email protected]