Middle East NS-1 Design Review for DSI – PBL Tool

Fearnley Procter FZE (A Fearnley International Group Company) is pleased to announce that it has certified through its Global NS-1 Accreditation Program the PBL By Pass System Tool.

DSI FZE (A Schoeller Bleckmann Company) approached Fearnley Procter to conduct a Level 2 Design Review on the following sizes of PBL’s 3.1/8″, 4.3/4″, 6.3/4″ & 8.1/4″ against the requirements of NS-1 Edition 3 Quality, Design, Inspection Requirements for New and Refurbished Drilling and Well Completion Equipment Standards.

A Level 2 design review evaluates that the product was designed with consideration to catastrophic failure avoidance. Evaluations are conducted based on failure modes commonly observed when equipment is used for purposes for which they were designed.

The relevant certification can be reviewed here


Photo showing Kevin Fearnley (CEO Fearnley International Group Limited) presenting the NS-1 Plaque to Gernot Bauer (President of DSI – PBL Bypass Systems) left of photo, at the Fearnley Procter Dubai Office.

The PBL Bypass System has provided a simple and reliable solution to various drilling problems, including lost circulation and limited circulating rates for effective hole cleaning operations for over 20 years. The tool is a component of the bottom hole assembly and it is located above the MWD and LWD tools. It is hydraulically activated (ball activated) and simple enough to be operated by rig personnel directly and does not necessitate DSI personnel on site. A special feature of the tool is, that whenever pumps are turned off, the sleeve shifts to the closed position and isolates the ports, which eliminates the u-tube effect and assures full well integrity.

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