Fearnley Procter Certification FZCO is the latest addition to Fearnley Procter Group’s Assessment and Audit portfolio

In the next step in providing the Oil & Gas Industry increased security in a companies’ Quality Management Systems, Fearnley Procter Group has recently become an accredited ISO certification body.

CEO: Kevin Fearnley of Fearnley International Group “I am very proud of this new service line under our Oil & Gas Division, Fearnley Procter Group. Credit to all involved within the company to get Fearnley Procter Certification FZCO to being a certifying body for ISO 9001:2015.

With its key objective of `Non-productive-time Solutions’ the ability to provide ISO 9001:2015 Certification and Training, alongside Q1 and Q2, puts it into a leading position to help prevent avoidable Non-productive Time.

Quality Management, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Drilling Programmes with specialist subjects such as Stuck Pipe Avoidance, Drillstring Failure Prevention, Drillstring Design plus Manufacturing Facility auditing, Equipment Design assessment and verification, Service industry assessment and training – including Drill Pipe Inspection Facility Accreditation and Inspectors Certification – across all drilling equipment and inspection standards (API, DS-1, NS-1™ & NS-2™) has made Fearnley Procter’s offering to the Oil & Gas Industry unique. No other company recognises the importance of failure prevention as much as Fearnley Procter does. In order to achieve as high a reduction of these types of failures as possible – Fearnley Procter provides their services across all the drilling standards – bringing together whatever expertise is required to minimise NPT for a specific project and on a Global basis.

All wells use standards – Fearnley Procter will help you select whichever standard is best suited to the well being drilled – and help design a NPT avoidance plan.

To find out how – email us at [email protected] or visit our website www.fearnleyprocter.com

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