Fearnley International Group Ltd, are pleased to announce the completion of a recent investment into its Oil & Gas Division – Fearnley Procter Group (FPG).

FPG’s commitment to providing Non-productive-time Solutions is boosted by a new QAQC Global Reporting System. Providing daily tracking and reporting of all the data captured through QA/QC Equipment Verification and Compliance.

Importantly, FPG are now able to identify trends globally, regionally and nationally for clients, to prevent future NPT by establishing benchmarks for more effective performance. 

With ‘real-time’ visibility of the QAQC operations, including a fully searchable Dashboard showing results:

  • Visits made, Reports written and Issues found, by severity and potential impact
  • NCs and Observations raised on Equipment, Services, Suppliers, plus Resolutions
  • Potential HSE impact and Costs to the project

and all the documentation, graphs and pictures that support it.

Example of the Dashboard of the FPG Global Reporting System

FPG’s Technical Support and Engineering Group of SME’s continue to contribute information. Sharing our knowledge with Clients of Equipment Failure Investigations; Drillstring Failure Prevention; and Drilling Operations.

As the Industry’s Drillstring Experts for 26+ years, we continue to invest into products that enhance our QA/QC, Engineering, Training, Technical Standards, Certification & Accreditation skills. 


Kevin Fearnley

CEO of Fearnley International Group Ltd

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