Fearnley International Activities at SPE Offshore Europe


Of course it is always better to prevent Non-Productive Time (NPT) before it happens … or the need to carry out the Failure Investigation to discover why?

Fearnley International do both – and want to share with you how, through some introductory discussion sessions at this years SPE Offshore Europe.

Our Engineering Team through Failure Investigations and Equipment Stripdowns continue to identify the Root Causes as to why Equipment Failures occur, whether these lead to Wash-outs and Twist-Offs or just to poor performance and Invisible Lost Time (ILT).

And our QAQC team – along with the Technical Specialist Group and our Quality Assurance Advisors – act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of Drilling Teams to prevent these failures from occurring in the first place – or re-occurring.

SO – As it is one of Fearnley International’s main objectives to share that information with end-users; in order to help make drilling projects finish on time; and on budget – through the provision of Non-productive-time Solutions – we are running short sessions of 20 minutes to give you a taster of how we manage that.

Topics: The following sessions can be conducted in small numbers 1 or 2 people. We will also be having three lunch time sessions for larger groups. Please let us know which you prefer.

Each topic has a reservation link so that you can choose when you want to come, just press it to go to the Doodle calendar. Or email Kevin Fearnley Jr or Paul Youdan.

1. API Q1 Q2 – Introduction Awareness Session.  Our Senior Quality Management Trainer and Auditor will guide you through the challenges that the introduction of this API specification and the benefits of its adoption to the prevention of NPT and ILT can bring. Plus the first steps in adopting it. Reserve Time
2. API Q1 Q2  – How it might effect your companies current QMS.  For those companies who already have a QMS, this workshop will go through how it can be adopted into your current systems and what a Gap Analysis can provide in order to take it forward. Reserve Time
3. Drilling Operations – Equipment Failure Investigation – How to Organise One.  It is traumatic enough when a Drilling Project undergoes an Equipment Failure that requires a Failure Investigation to be carried out. There are some key do’s and dont’s. This session will take you through what they are and how to prepare the damaged equipment, photographs and reports to ensure as cost effective and as successful a conclusion as quickly as possible is achieved, to find out why the failure occurred and how to prevent it happening again. Reserve Time
4. Drilling Operations – Equipment Failure Investigation and Equipment Stripdowns – What they can tell you.  Going into a Failure Investigation or Equipment Stripdown knowing what results you should expect; which tests should be carried out: how they should be presented; and how those results may affect your drilling operation – will lead to you and your drilling team’s better understanding of the best way forward. Reserve Time
5. QAQC – How does a Quality Assurance Advisor improve drilling efficiency and minimise failures.  Over the last few years we have found that most drilling teams lack an experienced oversight of the QAQC process – for a number of reasons. Our Senior Quality Assurance Advisor will be conducting discussion sessions on the benefits of how these personnel can make a greater difference to your drilling operation than QAQC alone. Reserve Time

Also on our stand this year we will be:

Kevin Fearnley – CEO and Chairman of the Technical Support Group

Sandy Reid  – Global Operations Manager

Glenn Falconer – Global Quality Assurance Service Manager

Scott Smart – Group QHSE Manager and QMS Senior Auditor

Kevin Fearnley Jr – Business Development – Europe & Africa

Paul Youdan – NS Accreditation & Standard Business Development Manager

If you want to reserve some time with any of them – please just email us on: [email protected]