Fearnley Procter takes Non-Productive-Time Solutions Message to China

Our Fearnley Procter team attended the CIPPE in Beijing last month as part of the Scottish Development International Trade Mission’s, Scottish Pavilion.
The show was an opportunity to continue our discussions with FP’s current clients, who have benefitted from our NS Accreditation Programme and Specialist Drilling and Completions QA/QC Services, as well as to meet new ones; either wanting to hear more about how we reduce NPT or on the International Stamp of Approval for products that the NS Accreditation Programme can bring.
Throughout the duration of the show Fearnley Procter met with several key players in the Chinese Oil & Gas market – with significant interest shown in NS Accreditation and Training as well as for our specialised Drilling and Completions QAQC Services. Ongoing support of their needs will continue through our Country Manager, Mingbai Xu, and his team from FP China’s base in Beijing.
Fearnley Procter is aiming to work with these new contacts to build on the strong foundations set by our operations in China over the past 10 years, and increase our contribution to this rapidly expanding market.
It was a great chance to increase awareness of how our Solutions can assist Operators reduce their Non-productive-time during drilling and completions operations.
Once again, Fearnley Procter would like to thank Scottish Development International and their team for arranging the visit to China and for their considerable efforts to make it such a big success.


Our Successful Attendance at Roseland Oil and Gas Tradeshow

As Fearnley Procter Inc, we made our first big push to gain more visibility in the Permian Basin, building on our existing Occidental contract for QA/QC Services. We partnered with Roseland Oil and Gas to participate in the 4th annual golf tournament and trade show. We entered 2 teams in the tournament representing Anadarko, Leam, Premier Pipe and Supply, Quail, and Trinidad Drilling all under the Fearnley Procter Inc team name.  Both teams shot 9 under par with the scramble format. Obviously we were too honest as neither team placed!
We sponsored a hole and gave away a Tailor-made driver. The ladies running the hole did a fantastic job getting people to participate. Troy Blackburn of Ensign won the driver!  He picked it up from us at the trade show two days later.  He was so excited, he carried it around the trade show showing it off. 
The show was a success as well.  We made lots of new connections in the process of getting our brand name and services thrust into the spotlight.  During the show we met with  potential new clients.  We will also be following up with several other leads that were generated through the tournament and show.  Overall it was a great success. – Kyle Sheldon: Head of Sales & Operations – Western Hemisphere

Middle East NS-1 Design Review for DSI – PBL Tool

Fearnley Procter FZE (A Fearnley International Group Company) is pleased to announce that it has certified through its Global NS-1 Accreditation Program the PBL By Pass System Tool.

DSI FZE (A Schoeller Bleckmann Company) approached Fearnley Procter to conduct a Level 2 Design Review on the following sizes of PBL’s 3.1/8″, 4.3/4″, 6.3/4″ & 8.1/4″ against the requirements of NS-1 Edition 3 Quality, Design, Inspection Requirements for New and Refurbished Drilling and Well Completion Equipment Standards.

A Level 2 design review evaluates that the product was designed with consideration to catastrophic failure avoidance. Evaluations are conducted based on failure modes commonly observed when equipment is used for purposes for which they were designed.

The relevant certification can be reviewed here


Photo showing Kevin Fearnley (CEO Fearnley International Group Limited) presenting the NS-1 Plaque to Gernot Bauer (President of DSI – PBL Bypass Systems) left of photo, at the Fearnley Procter Dubai Office.

The PBL Bypass System has provided a simple and reliable solution to various drilling problems, including lost circulation and limited circulating rates for effective hole cleaning operations for over 20 years. The tool is a component of the bottom hole assembly and it is located above the MWD and LWD tools. It is hydraulically activated (ball activated) and simple enough to be operated by rig personnel directly and does not necessitate DSI personnel on site. A special feature of the tool is, that whenever pumps are turned off, the sleeve shifts to the closed position and isolates the ports, which eliminates the u-tube effect and assures full well integrity.

The Re-issuing of our Technical Bulletins

As part of our ongoing commitments to the Industry and our client base, Fearnley Procter International (A Fearnley International Group Company) will be re-issuing their Technical Bulletins which are aimed at lessons learnt through our ongoing equipment failure investigations and updated accordingly.

Here is our first revision of Technical Bulletin 01. Value of ACFM Inspection:

As well as these previously published Technical Bulletins being revised and released over the coming weeks we are completing a new Technical Bulletin Release on Drillstring Vibration and its effects on Drillstring Failures.

Fearnley International Group “The original Drillstring Experts”

Fearnley International Q1 Training

Are you asking suppliers, or being asked, to meet Q1 for Manufacturing Oil & Gas Equipment?

At Fearnley International, we deliver courses to suit our client’s needs, whether that is at your location or one of our many training facilities worldwide. (View our global training calendar: https://www.fp.international/download-file/75)

Please see our new scheduled dates and course details for:

1 Day Q1 Awareness

Designed for management representatives, quality assurance personnel, and supplier assessment personnel.

3 Day Q1 Internal Auditor

Designed for an organisations management, supervisory and quality personnel who have responsibility within the organisation’s quality management system for meeting Q1 requirements.

5 Day Q1 Lead Auditor

For training in the principles and practices of undertaking Q1 quality management system audits

For more information and to book: https://www.fp.international/book-courses

Stuck Pipe Prevention Course – Aberdeen

Fact – stuck pipe incidents are expensive. Fact – incorrectly handled they become more expensive. What was your company’s most expensive stuck pipe incident? …. Want to know how to avoid them and stop costs escalating 

The best defence against stuck pipe is a good rig team who can listen to the well and react accordingly. If the team understands the principles involved, has awareness of the hazards and how to avoid exacerbating a situation, the likelihood of non-productive time and associated cost is minimised. Fearnley Procter investigate multiple stuck pipe incidents annually and draw on these learnings to develop the knowledge of Drilling Team members from the Operator, Drilling Contractor and Service Company communities. This enables crews to identify potential risks and use surface and down hole trends to spot any problems early, thus delivering savings and efficiency gains through the reduction of operational down time.

To see how that is done and how to use our knowledge to stop stuck pipe costs getting out of control, look at the topics in our team development programme for ‘Stuck Pipe Prevention’.

Designed with the Drilling Team in mind and run by an experienced Supervisor with extensive experience dealing with Stuck Pipe, our next workshops take place in Aberdeen on 28th March & May 11th. The principle topic areas covered include Stuck Pipe Mechanisms & Identification, Hole Cleaning, Wellbore Stability and reviews the operation of Jars and considerations when Jarring.

View Stuck Pipe Flyer: https://www.fp.international/download-file/63

For more information and to book
: https://www.fp.international/spp

Q1 Q2 (API) and ISO Training & Assesment added to Fearnley Procter’s NS-1 & NS-2 Capability

Getting the Training you need in Q1 or Q2 for your company’s position in the Oil & Gas Industry – and then where needed the Assessment Certification – can be a lengthy and expensive process.

Knowing who you can rely on to complete the job Efficiently, Professionally and Cost-effectively – can prove difficult.

Fearnley Procter have been providing ‘Training Solutions and Certification’, plus ‘Audit and Assessment’ of quality management systems, equipment manufacture and inspection, for over 20 years on a global basis. And supporting the industry locally in Dubai/Abu Dhabi since opening our office here 9 years ago.

Because of this Knowledge and Experience, we can design both the Training you initially need and then the Audit that follows – so that it matches your companies objectives from either the products & services  you supply – or those you purchase.

Initially the Training can be provided either as part of courses held at our own Training Centre in Aberdeen and Dubai – or held at your own offices. Courses are provided separately on Q1 and Q2 but in principle cover similar topics:

1 day Awareness – suitable for gaining the knowledge needed at the start or to educate others as to what the Q1 or Q2 specifications set down and how to move forward to meet them.

3 day Internal Auditor – for those who need to assess the condition of their own company, complete internal audits and eventually undertake those required for preparation of the final 3rd party independent assessment.

5 day Lead Auditor – will give your team the knowledge of how to complete external audits of suppliers to make sure that they meet the requirements of Q1 & Q2.

For end-users –  these courses will help you insure that your suppliers meet the quality management requirements of Q1 or Q2.

For suppliers – once training certification and assessment is completed – not only will you be in a position to show that you meet those requirements but you would also qualify for an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. In fact if you already hold an ISO Certificate acquiring Q1 or Q2 certification will be less expensive.

You will also gain additional benefits as the NS-1™ & NS-2™ Accreditation Programme includes Q1 or Q2 assessment. So you can add the Q1/Q2 Certification to your NS-1™/NS-2™ Approval or add a NS-1™/NS-2™ Approval to your Q1/Q2 Certification – and at a reduced cost – as we do both. 

Finally – if you book any combination of training & accreditation in Q1, Q2, NS-1™ or NS-2™ (DS-1® and API RP7G-2 are covered in our NS-2™ courses) or you are a NS-1™ or NS-2™ Standard holder – there are discounts on the total prices available thorough our Client Discount Programme.

For additional information and to book: https://www.fp.international/training-quality-management

Or email: [email protected]